Remote Tech Support

If you’re reading this, chances are friends and family ask you for tech support. Even worse, they usually call you from 100 miles away and want you do talk them through something over the phone (like finding the any key). I find it much easier to tell them to get out of the way and let me fix whatever is broken.  But when they do call from 100+ miles away, what do you do? Here are some viable options I have come across recently. Continue reading


First day on the job

Started my new job today at PivotPoint Solutions.  I’m the first one here, most of the lights are still off, and I don’t have a login to my work computer.  That’s par for first day on the job.  Most of my co-workers are on LinkedIn if you want to see who else works for the company.  At least I have an Internet connection that works.  I’ll see how long I can be entertained by Dilbert cartoons and YouTube videos.
On a totally unrelated note, a new, and often comical YouTube fad is videotaping (or cameraphoning) cops who take their job way too seriously.  Example:  This proves that the words “dude” and “man” can be considered assult and are punishable by an immediate headlock & wrestling to the ground.

arrMyData(5,5) arrMyData(5)(5)


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After wasting lots of time on trial and error, I decided to find out what the low-level difference was between vbscript arrays addressed as (x,y) and (x)(y).  Eric Lippert explained it better than I can, so just read his explanation.  If you want some code to demonstrate how things work, download my 2D array test.  It has a lot of in-line comments and should give you an idea of when you should use (x)(y) and when you should use (x,y).
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